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We have incorporated the our best high fiber and anti-inflammatory products to bring you our latest detox

Our two juices Mean Green and Just Celery will get things started in this detox. Drinking Just Celery juice on an empty stomach will begin and continue digestion and absorption in your stomach through out the day. While the Mean Green juice provides all the benefits of green leafy vegetables that we need daily. 

celery juice.png

Introducing our newest additions... Jujuice soups. The carrot/tumeric soup, vegetable, and lentil soup are great sources of plant fiber and make digestion and elimination easier for your body. We add only the freshest vegetables and ingredients to create foods that will nourish your body. Our soups are high in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins your body craves. 


These two smoothies Green light and Post workout are perfect for adding plant protein and antioxidants to your cleanse. We use the best plant protein with no added fillers or fluff, just what nature gives us. Blended smoothies is a great way to incorporate fruit and veggies to your diet and increase fiber consumption.

For this FALL detox we have also incorporated a ginger/tumeric shot to boost your immunity during this season. Ginger and tumeric are high in anti-inflammatory properties to help  you fight any cold coming your way. 


1 Day $50

2 Day $100

3 Day $150

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