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fall's newest detox

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Introducing our newest Detox, We powered up our already potent juice cleanse with the power of fiber in soups and smoothies. This Soup Cleanse relies on the power of high-fiber foods to help your body’s digestive system run as smoothly as possible. How does it differ from our juice detox? Instead of getting all your daily nutrients from drinking juices alone, our latest plan involves eating easily digestible meals consisting of cleansing fruits and vegetables. While not as seemingly stringent as a juice detox, this cleanse does still allow you a break from your standard everyday diet. And because all the fiber helps keep you feeling full, it’s also an ideal detox plan for beginners who are new to the world of fasting. 

Our Soup Cleanse plan includes the following:


(1)Just Celery

(1)Ginger Shot

(1) Green Light Smoothie

(1) Vegetable Soup 

(1) Mean Green 

(1) Carrot Turmeric Soup 

(1)Post Workout Smoothie 

(1) Lentil Soup

1 Day-$50

2 Day-$100

3 Day-$150

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