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The Juice cleanse finish line! what to do next

So you just finished a detox and your are probably feeling a types of proud, accomplished, hungry, and maybe confused. Whether you finished a 1, 3, or even a 7 day detox chance are you are figuring out what to eat next. To maintain that a good healthy eating cycle and resist the urge of binge eating it is important that we understand how to ease our bodies into healthy eating post juice cleanse.

Hey you just finished a juice cleanse! Congratulations!!! It takes determination to do what you just did, you should be proud of yourself! I mean not everyone you meet can tell you that they have gone 3 days on just juice and water. But you did! You might get asked why? For many the answer is "I want to start a healthy journey" or "I want to take care of my body". In order to continue this path post cleanse it is important to know what benefits a juice cleanse contributes to our body.

So what is going on inside of our bodies? Everyday we inhale, ingest, and absorb more toxins than our body can naturally eliminate. In order to eliminate the toxins multiple organs have to get to work. For example the main detoxifying guy:

The liver: the liver works hard in separating nutrients from waste thus it can be easily overloaded reducing the ability to function. When we cleanse we allow the liver to easily separate and excrete waste without putting it in overdrive.

The Gastrointestinal tract: certain foods such as foods low in fiber cause our GI system to slow and stagger. When we have toxins sitting in our intestines and colon, they can be reabsorbed into our blood stream. By cleansing and drinking more water we can improve our bowel movements and remove build up waste and toxins in our body.

The Kidneys: When you cleanse, your kidneys are less overwhelmed. This helps them filter the water from other organs, ensuring full-body detoxification. By cleansing, your kidneys are able to eliminate toxins, which often contribute to higher blood pressure and increased acidity.

The Skin: Our largest organ! Helps eliminate numerous toxins through its pores. The main elimination is through sweat but cleansing and dry brushing can help support the detoxification process.

Now that you understand a bit of what is going in your body while cleansing, these are some tips to help you continue on your path to wellness post cleanse!

post-cleanse tip #1: Start your day with a glass of water and lemon

make it into a tea, add another herb, or drink it straight lemon and water!

drinking water in the morning will wake up your system as well as help you get your bowel and detoxifying process going. Adding lemon to your water boost the water's detoxifying properties plus helps stimulate your liver's natural enzymes, helping flush out toxins.

Post- cleanse tip #2: Give PlANT BASED diet a chance!

I must say that in my list this is the most important! It is important that ease your body into eating post cleanse by continue to give it what you were consuming in liquid form but now in solid. Begin your post cleanse diet by eating veggies, fruits, salads for a couple of days. Think of it as a raw vegan/ raw plant based diet you are trying to follow. Then slowly begin to add legumes, nuts, grains, healthy fats (plant based diet) . You won't over work your organs and they will continue to detoxify properly. If you choose to add meats and dairy back into your diet make sure you do it after a couple of days of eating plant based.

Post-cleanse tip #3: Take a probiotic and eat fermented foods.

In order to maintain a healthy gut, you must increase good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics and foods such as kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, and kimich will help support a healthy gut thus helping your gut eliminate toxins. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system, don't let a poor diet take it toll.

you can now find kombucha at most local super market

Post-cleanse tip #4: Drink green juice daily

When you drink green juice daily it will help you continue to detoxify as well as provide you with essential vitamins and minerals from green veggies that you might not want to chew on daily. Think of it as your daily veggie intake for the day.

Post- cleanse tip #5 Cleanse monthly

Everyone is different and while we recommend a juice cleanse- detox monthly, some may need or want to clean more often. A Juice cleanse monthly regularly will help rest your GI and continue on a detoxifying process. Think of it as an oil change but for you body with free delivery. :)

We hope these tips help you or encourage you to continue on your path to a healthier you. We would love to hear from you! Send us your comments and reviews via our FB or IG page! BE THE CHANGE! BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF FRUIT AND VEGGIES! BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF A HEALTHIER YOU!

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