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Superfood with superpower: chlorophyll

What is chlorophyll ???

Well if you let us take you back to grade school biology class, chlorophyll is a molecule found in plants that collects sunlight and turns it into energy in a process called photosynthesis. Is it ringing a bell now? Chlorophyll is what gives plants its rich beautiful green color.

What is it good for ??

We know it is good for plants, now how is it good for the human body? Chlorophyll contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and nutrients to provide us with many therapeutic benefits.

Chlorophyll's makeup is almost identical to hemoglobin, the protein in our bodies responsible for providing oxygen to our blood and building red blood cells.

When adding chlorophyll as a supplement it can increase our overall amount of oxygen in our blood, giving us a boost of energy and vitality. For this reason chlorophyll is a great workout companion.

Detoxifying effects

Chlorophyll also has a detoxifying effect on our liver and blood. It can bind to toxic metals we are exposed to daily like mercury and slow their absorption. As well as alkalizing the body it can reduce acidity which can prone certain metabolic disorders and diseases. Besides these major benefits chlorophyll can also help combat bad breath and other bad body odor working as a natural deodorant thanks to its alkalizing effects.

Where can you get it?

you can get chlorophyll by eating dark leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach, supplementing in pill or liquid form, or you can also find chlorophyll in our JUJUICE CHLOROPHYLL WATER.

We recommend our chlorophyll water to be taken along side our detox sets, think of it as a side kick. With its detoxifying effects in the blood and liver as well as providing oxygenation to our blood it is sure to boost up your detox.

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