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Farmers Market Experience

Last Saturday we got back to our roots, we got to attend El Centro de Laredo Farmers Market. Starting off from home the farmers market was our first and best outlet to get our product out to the community. The Farmers market is a great way to network and get to know people who want to bring fresh local products to their community. What we enjoy the most is getting to interact with our customers, we love answering your questions, and providing you with information on our juices. It is awesome getting to hear stories how fruits, veggies, and juicing has improved their health. If you have never been we recommend you go, you feel transported to a rural area filled with enthusiastic locals and their fresh products.

Recently I came across a FB post that read, "When you buy from a small business and actual person does a little happy dance." Although this is true it really makes our day when we receive messages like "loved the juices" or "they were delicious." When you eat or try something you enjoy it makes you happy and in turn makes the person who created it happy as well. We thank our customers who came out to see us last Saturday and we hope to see you in future farmer market events.



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