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Fall's new Detox

If you all were not aware we have created a whole new detox! Our soup and juice detox is ready and out for you to try. We created this detox with beginners in mind or simply for the ones that wanted a little more "filling" in their detox. Besides our juices we also have added smoothies, a shot, and soups to help keep you full while detoxing your body. Perfect for beginners who do want to go straight into the all juice cleanse.

What are the benefits to this detox you might ask? It is packed with fiber!! Soups and smoothies that contain much of the fruit and vegetable pulp are full of great dietary fiber to aid with digestion. Did you know that fiber helps lower total and LDL cholesterol which can reduce cardiovascular disease? Fiber can also regulate blood sugar much may reduce glucose and insulin levels. Are you having constipation? Fiber can also help with that! Fiber is an amazing food that we can use to help improve our health.

Besides being packed with fiber our Soup and Juice detox also offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep you healthy through out this fall/winter season and seasons to come. We have added the freshest ingredients such as turmeric, leafy green vegetables, and ginger to help boost your immunity and reduce inflammation in your body.

Begin the season of giving by giving yourself the gift of health! This detox will help you set your path to a whole new way of reducing processed foods from your diet and incorporating more fruit and vegetables. Plus! you have to try our Tumeric and Carrot soup!! It is amaziiiingggg!

Visit us for Samples and with a purchase of a detox set you will receive our new TOTES! perfect for keeping your detox and juices cool while you are on the go!

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